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"He healeth the broken in heart, 
and bindeth up their wounds" Psalm 147:3


Quotes Nolan is almost a year old and is waiting in the hospital for a heart transplant. After Nolan had his first open heart surgery we ordered a healing helper. We got to pick the animal, the color of the zipper, color of the pouch, and even the placement of the zipper. It came super fast, and it was just perfect! About two weeks later, Nolan had emergency brain surgery to remove a baseball sized blood clot. The Drs didn't think he was going to make it... And he did! After his miraculous recovery, we sent his healing helper back for brain surgery. Not only did we get to pick the colors again, but they went a step further and actually let us send them a picture of his brain scar so they could re-create it. But they didn't just stop there, while they had it, they also gave his healing helper a heart transplant after brain surgery and took a picture for us! It was symbolic for us... Because one day very soon Nolan will getting the same surgery. Thank you for making a scary situation better. <3 Quotes
Nolan's Mom

Quotes We love what you do for our little warriors! Mackenzie loves her HH and takes it everywhere with her! I know it will be something she holds onto forever! Quotes
Laura Straub West
Healing Helpers

Quotes "Mady went for her 3rd open heart surgery on June 26th and her Healing Helper was with her the whole time! It never leaves her side. Thank you for the wonderful things you guys do for these children." Quotes
Tina Keefe
Healing Helpers

Quotes "May God bless you for your dedication in making these stuffed animals for sick children. My daughter Serenity and I live in NY and she received a liver transplant on her 10th month birthday. For her 1st birthday last month, the Liver team at Mt Sinai gave her one of your healers an elephant with a liver with her name on it. I believe it is one of the best gifts ever besides the miracle of life she received. Thank you soo much for thinking of these sick children and may your company continue to grow and be known worldwide. God bless you." Quotes
Debbie Lopez
Healing Helpers

Quotes Oh you guys are the best - I've been watching your site and hoping I'd see what Dallas was recieving but you did better than that.... Thank you soooooo much! God is good!! Hope I might get a pic of that pretty little girl with her Healing Helper when she gets it! This is amazing what you do for these children! I will be making several more visits to your site very soon! Love this place..... Best place on Facebook! Quotes
Healing Helper Sponsorship

Quotes Serenity got her Healing Healper today. She was so happy and I was so impressed. I love it and she loves it. She has told at least a dozen people that she has a heating issue and that she has a helper to help her through it. I love you guys so much thanks Quotes
Healing Helper Penguin

Quotes Yay!! Received the moose in the mail today!! I love it and can't wait to give it to my mom and see her reaction!! Thank you so much! It is more awesome than I imagined it would be!! Quotes
Loni Sumerlin
Healing Helper

Quotes "Caden's HH Penguin (who he's named Scotty, short for Scottish Rite) arrived just in time to surprise him and bring him lunch at school! He is so proud and it was a great way for him to talk to his friends about his scars and his upcoming surgery. Thank you!!!" Quotes
Caden's Mom
Caden's HH

Quotes "It is so nice to have such a personal touch when working with a company! Great idea, thanks for making a special animal for our special girl!" Quotes
Cara Busscher
Customer Service

Quotes Eli has named his Beary. Beary was an amazing support for Eli because Beary "went through the same thing Eli did". When Eli needed to cough and it hurt, Beary was there. When Eli needed to take the medicine, Beary was there. When Eli needed a little dance to cheer him up, Beary was there. When Eli need to vent his frustrations over the IV's he so hated, Beary was there. Beary was there every step of the way. This holiday season, if you would like to sponsor a child (either someone you know or one they have that needs sponsoring) or if you would like to donate some stuffed animals (must be from a smoke free home), please go visit their page (you should be able to access their website from there too). My husband and I will be sending some stuffed animals and eventually sponsoring a child to give back. Honestly I cannot express in writing how much this precious gift meant to my Eli. Quotes
Angela Melum
Healing Helpers